Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Drag Queen / Dark Queen Costume Halloween

This post is a little late given that Halloween has just passed us and showed some ghostly and gruesome monsters on our streets. I have just got round to blogging this Halloween post.
I have been working on a Halloween costume for some time and wanted to share some pictures with all of you. This costume I created is a Dark Queen Look, I have also shot a video with thia look and will edit as soon as I have time. So keep your eyes out for my new video coming soon, you will find it on my YouTube channel or better still pop back to my blog and check it out.

Hope all my Whorettes had a scary Halloween. Love you all..

Demi xxxx

Monday, 26 May 2014

Clown / Emeli Sande

So I was getting ready for a show and as I always have my music playing in the background to get me in the mood as ye do, this amazing song came on and I just could not resist doing a video for my Whorettes..

I love this song so much and I am sure most of you do too...

Here is the video I recently uploaded to my Youtube channel.. You can visit my Youtube Channel here by clicking my name Demi Whore for more lip sync videos

 Hope you like as much as I do..

Demi Whore in " Clown " by Emeli Sande

Just a short blog to show you my new video and as usual I am still working on some comedy videos so will keep you updated as I post my videos..


Demi Whore

Thursday, 22 May 2014

New Up-Style Gamazon Look

Hey My Whorettes

So I decided to try out a new hair style.. I am calling this look " Up-Style Gamazon " look..

Here is a few pictures of this new look I created, pretty cute and stylish and loving this colour blue with the blonde hair style...

This is my hubby Baz, he is my rock in this world and always stands by no matter what :) Love this man

                     The " WHOREBOOTH.IE "

Loving this look, feeling sexy and F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

Demi Whore

let me know what you guys think x

Monday, 12 May 2014

Demi Whore TV

" Turn that off " the late late is on in a minute, Sorry no can do Ma, Demi Whore TV is on now so Im watching that, go to bed or something will ye.. I will not, I'm watching her too

Drum Roll -----------------------

Hello My Whorettes

Its Demi Whore TV calling...

I have just recently opened a new Youtube Channel and would love for you to come over and say hello and click the subscribe button..

You can visit my new YouTube Channel by clicking here " DemiWhore TV " 

Below you can see my " Shout Out " video to say Hello to some of my Whorettes.. Love You Bitches

Will catch you all in my next videos that will be coming here to Demi Whore TV, Stay Tuned

Love You Bitches

Demi Whore

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How To Create A Snow / Ice Queen Makeup look

As some of you may know I love to create different makeup looks with Special Effects makeup..

So here I will start off my blog by showing you all some pictures and videos of a look I created

                         Snow / Ice Queen Make up look..

A side by side image of both trial run and finished Snow / Ice Queen fantasy make up look

As a lover of creating fantasy looks, I so loved creating this Snow / Ice Queen look..

Here is a picture of my trial run look I created for this Snow / Ice Queen Fantasy look..

How I created this look and what products I used for this look you can find out  below

Snazaroo / Smiffy Facepaints       White / Royal Blue
Eyeshadows                                Rimmel / Boujouir

While I don't usually go by what products I use as to be honest what ever works for you use it..
A lot of people have asked me what products of makeup I used for the look.. I see a lot of people giving brand names of their products of makeup but sometimes its better to go with what works for you..

Regarding the diamonds and mirror squares on my face I simple used a eyelash glue " Duo Eyelash " glue will help you stick your jewels to your skin & is non toxic on your skin.  I used a strip of diamonds and mirror squares I got from my local craft store.. For the head piece I used some left over Fun Fur I had from a costume I design for Dublin Gay Pride..

You can design anything you put your mind to as its all for the art, so if you are designing one of these looks, DO NOT get caught up in the products or what the finished look will be like as you will be creating one of your own.. Have fun and be creative..

So that picture above you see was my first trail run and for an artist like myself I want to better the look. So I created another look for my second time for a Snow / Ice Queen Make up fantasy look..

Here is my second attempt at this look as I was creating this look for a new video for my Youtube channel...

                   Snow / Ice Queen Fantasy Make Up look # 2

So as I said above, have fun, don't get caught up with what your doing as you will soon discover the more you try something the better you get.. Personally I love this look.. Again I used the Snazaroo / Smiffy facepaints and blending both products together with the help of some dark blue eye shadows..

I also used some white contact lenses for my eyes to give this look a wow factor... What you can see on the sides of my eyes are simply sequins glued with eye lash glue, again you can use Duo eyelash glue..

Few more pictures below and then I will explain to you how I created the hair for this look and also costume for the look......

For the costume I design for this look was a little bit of everything you could say... The mirror body guard you can see I am wearing was also handmade.. Ill blog about that in another piece Ill explain how that was made..

For the hair in this look I used three wigs all pinned together with clips. As you can see in some of the pics above you can see I also attached some snow flakes and crystal in fact I used some crystals for earrings for this make up look to give it an edge.. In one of the pics above you can see I am also holding a very fantasy
" Power orb " which was also handmade for this look.. If you want to find out how I created this
 " Power Orb " you can play this video below which will give you insight into how I created this Power Orb

Here below is a picture of  the " Power Orb " and video below so you can create this for yourself

Pretty simple to create and also lights up too... Again in one of the images above you can that I am wearing some

" Snow / Ice Queen Ice Heels " which was also handmade and if you want find out how they were created you can click on this video below to find out how these were created.. You can contact me for any questions you may have about creating any of these costume props ..

So these are just a few costume props and make up images I have had so much fun creating.. You can create this look by just using what ever works for you and be creative with your looks..

So if you are wondering why I created all this in the first place, here's why..

In this video below I have used all these images and costume props for a special song I love so much simply for the lyrics..

Video will not display as Youtube disabled the audio due to copyright but you can view in on my Vimeo account.. Click on Title below and will open in a new window for you

                        Madonna Frozen with Demi Whore 

Well My Whorettes that is the end of my second blog and to show you how I created this
" Snow / Ice Queen " fantasy make up looks, Trial run pics and finished look below

Again if you have any questions regarding how I created these make up looks or how I created these stage props send me a mail and you can find my email address above or simply comment below this post, I will gladly answer any questions you might have.. Thanks for stopping by and I will be back with another blog on the Costumes and I am also working on a " Dark Queen " fantasy look at the moment and I will post some more pictures and videos to show you...

As this blog is new, please feel free to follow me and let me know if you are on blogger so I can follow you..


Demi Whore

PS.. Remember, use what product works for you and dont be afraid to make mistakes, its what helps us learn to better our skills


You can email me here


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Brand New Blog

Hey Guys

So I have decided to open back up my blog as recent events have geared me up for a change in life.

I think I can confidently say that when a major change happens in your life in turn it has a major change on your life, so from this day forward I intend to try and make that change happen with laughs and more experience..

I am going to use this corner of the internet to express my views, passions and loves in this life. I have  also opened back up another youtube channel that I had open a while back called  DemiWhore TV

Some of you may have came across that channel before but if you have not already thats ok, as I have a tonne of projects I am working on to upload to that channel.. That too just like this blog has been only newly set up and will be working on both to bring you some laughs..

If you want to see what I am rambling on about you can go ahead and click here for my main youtube channel Demi Whore 

So I ask of you all to be patient with me as I set up a new adventure from where I left off....

I will be making sure to go with my dreams and be the Queen that I am at my best ability as I have discovered in life, it is way to short to be messing around..

Time for a change of gear in my life..


Demi Whore